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Buy a luxury villa in Barcelona to live or invest

Buy a luxury villa in Barcelona to live or invest

How to decide if a city is good to live or invest? This decision is marked by factors such as the potential of the city, its facilities and, in especially, if we fall in love some time in that city that we never want to move to another place.

In the world of real estate, in more than one occasion is only the comfort of the property the determinant factor, but its luxury and amenities are prioritized. Lux Habitat understand the importance of the sum of all factors, and it is important to understand that not only is important a villa with first qualities, but also the situation and everything that surrounds it.



A luxury villa for Lux Habitat is one that is in a privileged environment: from the neighborhood to the city. It is for this reason that Barcelona highlights as a privileged situation, with the Mediterranean at its feet, the mountains behind and a world of leisure and relaxation around.

Moreover our properties are located in upscale neighborhoods of the city, where every street is full of services but also with tranquility and space to relax. Neighborhoods renowned as Pedralbes, Sant Gervasi, Sarriá are some of that where you can find our properties for sale and where to share neighborhood with the most distinguished residents of Barcelona



In Lux Habitat we care about the quality of life, comfortable evenings when hard day’s rest and where the whole atmosphere is relaxing, but we also care that our villas are situated inattractive areas for the business world. Not only as a source of employment, but because these areas are also often the most attractive for investment.

Barcelona has a huge potential in the business world. It’s the gateway to southern Europe, center of an emerging economic region, capital of the Mediterranean, a bridge to Maghreb and a linking platform to Latin America.

That’s because Barcelona have a huge web of business connections: one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean Sea, a high speed train station, an international airport and highways. There’s no doubt that Barcelona is fully connected to the world by land, sea and air.



Whoever invests in a luxury property, must be sure that is investing in a rising value, either to live or to invest, the property must have any requirements to be a qualifying luxury property.

From Lux Habitat, we are sure that any of our properties satisfy the most demanding customers, because our villas, our city, our neighborhoods and our people stand us as a company that offers insurance value.

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