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The luxury art galleries and museums in Barcelona

The luxury art galleries and museums in Barcelona

Barcelona has become a luxury city where important people want to settle or buy a property to invest. They find here all their needs, a vibrant city in an excellent location and with all the culture and standard of living.

Barcelona is also perfect for art lovers because is one of the best places in Europe to buy luxury art in one of the many art galleries that you can find in different places of the city. We can talk about 3 different places for different publics, depending on their needs and wishes.


If we talk about buying luxury art in Art Galleries, the Eixample area, and more specifically Diputació Street, between Balmes and Comte D’Urgell, is a meeting place for artists and gallery owners seeking to show the public his art and become known to many investors who are looking for the new talent and new pieces of art for them own collections.

Art galleries like Jean Paul Perrier, Principal Art or AND Galerias are referents in this sector. Here you can find the latest pieces of art of the greatest artists. Paintings, sculptures, and all kinds of art meet in these galleries.


Auction Houses of art in Barcelona are another lure for investors around the world. Many people settled in Barcelona, another came for the occasion, the luxury art lovers who want to acquire the best pieces for their personal art galleries or for display in their luxury homes meet in these auction houses. Not only for pieces of art and paintings, but also for luxury have jewelry and other products liked furniture and clothes.

The referents of auctions houses in Barcelona are Balcli’s and Born Subastas, both of them in the city center.


For those who just want to see and enjoy excellent art pieces, Barcelona is known by its museums, the forefront of world art, art spaces that each year attracts millions of visitors to its doors to enjoy both traveling and permanent exhibitions.

Museums like MACBA, MNAC, CCCB or Caixa Forum are referents for the exhibitions that they hold. These museums welcome millions of visitors annually arrivals from all over the world, but also for resident people who just want to enjoy the latest creations of the most influential and important artists of the moment.

In Lux Habitat we know that luxury art is one of the hobbies for rich people who want to live in Barcelona, so we help them to find best opportunities. And as a luxury real estate in Barcelona, we can also help them to find their dream luxury property.

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