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Top 3 best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona

Top 3 best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for the diversity of its neighborhoods, and for having its own and different culture in every place. For that reason you have neighborhoods where you can enjoy the street, full of theaters and culture, you can eat better than anywhere else or even practice some exercice. Barcelona has a neighborhood for each type of person.

However, there are areas that collect the best of each culture and its own personality, and areas where you will never get bored. In this post we collect the three best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona.



Located on the middle of Diagonal, Turo Park is an oasis in town. It’s a good surprise that in an area of ​​Barcelona where the traffic is so constant, you can find a haven of peace where the shade and beauty of its ornamentation take us to the calm of another century.

All the surroundings of Turo Park are isolated from the fast pace of the city. The neighbors also contribute to the calm of the area, escaping from the noise and seeking rest in a peaceful and pleasant area.

Obviously, one of the greatest charms of this small neighborhood is its park. A historical site for the city, it was an amusement park at the beginning of the past century, but in the middle of the century it was converted into a park for the enjoyment of the whole city.

The elegance domains the place, its magnolias, palms and beautiful sculptures give us an authentic postcard landscape. It’s impossible to imagine that we are just three minutes away from the most important and busy avenue in Barcelona.

REF. 17176



There are so many well-known neighborhoods, but if there is one neighborhood which is known for the distinction and class of its habitants, that’s no doubt Sarrià.

This area of Barcelona reminds us of a country village. The narrow streets and old buildings of the historic part of this neighborhood makes us fell as if we were in a postcard. It’s the ideal spot to live if you are looking for a calm atmosphere, away from the crowds of the city center but you still want to enjoy of all the advantages of being in a big city.

However, Sarria has its part, and much, to live surrounded by luxury in Barcelona, ​​sharing with the near neighborhood of Pedralbes the historic label of noble part of the city.

REF. 16733



Living in Galvany is living in a posh neighborhood but still under the influence of Barcelona. With a wide range of leisure activities, Galvany has all the services that a good neighborhood needs, without being completely isolated from the rest of the city.

It’s located in a quite central area, just ten minutes away from other crowded neighborhoods like Gràcia or Eixample Esquerra. But moving from Galvany is unnecessary, because it has all the facilities needed in everyday life: a market, a high standing sport area, a nightlife area but without excesses in order to secure the proper rest of the neighbors of this eclectic and classy neighborhood.

REF. 16859

These are just three of the most distintive neighborhoods in Barcelona, but there are many more to discover, and wherever you choose to live, you will definately find a wide range of experiences waiting for you.

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