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Why should you buy a second home in Barcelona?

Why should you buy a second home in Barcelona?

Have you always dreamt with an overseas property? Barcelona may be your ideal destination then, a Mediterranean and cosmopolitan city where many foreigners are starting to establish their second home due to the big advantages of living in such a great city. Some people decide to buy their second home in Barcelona for leisure reasons, as it’s well known the good climate and quality of life that this city offers to its inhabitants. But at the same time it’s a great place for doing business or for getting a residence permit quite easily. Let’s point the biggest advantages or reasons for buying your second home in Barcelona.


Holiday’s destination

This is probably one of the most obvious ones among many of the foreigners who establish their second home in the Catalan capital. Barcelona offers just the right mixture of beach and sun with culture, art and architecture. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget the amazing gastronomy that will keep you trying new tapas every day. From Barcelona you can also access a wide range of interesting spots outside the city, no matter if you are looking for a nice beach in the Mediterranean or a high mountain in the Pyrenees. But if you like music festivals, then Barcelona is definitely your place. During the last years the city has become one of the hotspots in Europe for new music trends, from electronic to indie, thanks to festivals such as Sonar or Primavera, the city attracts people from all over the world.


Business center

But life isn’t all about fun and vacations, someone has to work too. However, Barcelona is also good for doing business, its privileged situation as a gateway to the European market, South America and North Africa has made many multinational companies and businessmen turn their gaze to the capital of the Mediterranean.

“Barcelona’s location is great for doing business, connecting the European, South American and North African markets”

Moreover, Catalonia is the headquarters of more than 5000 foreign companies, 90% of which are based in Barcelona. This is mainly due to the fact that Barcelona leads a big economic area with a strong industrial tradition, together with advanced services and new economic activities, as we can see on the World Mobile Congress which is held in this city annually.


Low Prices

But that’s not all, lately property prices have decreased considerably in Barcelona. Actually, many real estate agencies assure that prices have dropped between a 25% and a 40%. That hasn’t gone unnoticed among foreign investors who have taken the chance to buy their second home in Barcelona for really good prices. Actually, the 13% of the property sales in Spain are done to foreigners, especially English, French and Russian. This has especially happened among luxury properties, as 9 out of 10 high standard houses in Barcelona are owned by foreigners.


Residence permit

Last but not least, we need to remember the ease of getting the Spanish residence visa once you invest in a property. Actually, if you purchase a property valued over 500.000€ you can directly receive the residence permit without the need of staying a minimum period of time in Spain. This also works if you decide to buy several properties in Spain and the value of them all sums up to 500.000€ or more. So as you can tell, now is just the right moment for buying a second home in Barcelona and from LuxHabitat we are ready to offer you our wide experience on the Spanish real estate market, our knowledge on relocation services and above all the best luxury properties in Barcelona that will definitely leave you speechless.

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