New development Lux Stella Maris

Arenys de Mar / Barcelona

We present our newly-built property in Arenys de Mar. It is a villa in Maresme renowned for its quality of life near the sea.

Its proximity to Barcelona and reasonable distance from France makes it the perfect place for a Lux project. It is a next generation
community located in a peaceful central area of the county.

It is made of 36 homes divided into two blocks with spacious gardens and a large shared pool. The apartments will have 1 to 4
bedrooms with a garage, storage room, outdoor area, and balcony with views of the sea and the magnificent natural surroundings.

Lux Stella Maris
Lux Stella Maris
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Our commitment.

Class A energy efficiency.

According to LuxHabitat’s environmental criteria, we use one of the most modern and sustainable climate control systems in the industry – aerothermics.

We will also create 3 public parks for Arenys de Mar residents that will become a new green lung for the area.

Also, we have given El Palauet, a building considered to be of great historical value, to the government to be used as a headquarters for a nonprofit foundation.

Our commitment.
Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar

With a distinct Mediterranean influence, Arenys de Mar is known for quiet streets, wide oceanfront walkways and natural landscapes, including beautiful mountainous slopes. Its calming spirit comes from its residential population, and its history as a principal fishing port on the northern Catalan coast gives it another dimension. Its size – 16,000 inhabitants – means that it offers all necessary services – businesses, schools, leisure activities, markets, restaurants, and cultural attractions, plus a marina.

It has excellent road access: N-II highway and C-32 freeway, train station with frequent arrivals and departures, and local and intercity buses.

Building Malgrat
Floor 00
Bajo 1ª Flat 2 bedrooms 55.80 m2 Sold
Bajo 2ª Flat 2 bedrooms 130.40 m2 Sold
Floor 01
1º 1ª Flat 4 bedrooms 183.10 m2 Sold
1º 2ª Flat 3 bedrooms 94.50 m2 Sold
1º 3ª Flat 3 bedrooms 88.20 m2 Available Plan
1º 4ª Flat 3 bedrooms 80.90 m2 Available Plan
Floor 02
2º 1ª Flat 3 bedrooms 92.60 m2 Available Plan
2º 2ª Flat 3 bedrooms 86.80 m2 Sold
2º 3ª Flat 3 bedrooms 90.30 m2 Available Plan
2º 4ª Flat 3 bedrooms 83.30 m2 Sold
Floor 03
3º 1ª Flat 4 bedrooms 152.00 m2 Sold
3º 2ª Flat 3 bedrooms 101.80 m2 Available Plan
Building Pompeu Fabra
Floor 00
Bajo 1ª Flat 2 bedrooms 55.18 m2 Sold
Bajo 2ª Flat 2 bedrooms 74.30 m2 Sold
Bajo 3ª Flat 3 bedrooms 127.20 m2 Sold
Bajo 4ª Flat 3 bedrooms 80.00 m2 Sold
Bajo 5ª Flat 2 bedrooms 80.10 m2 Sold
Bajo 6ª Flat 3 bedrooms 80.10 m2 Sold
Bajo 7ª Flat 2 bedrooms 70.40 m2 Sold
Bajo 8ª Flat 2 bedrooms 55.40 m2 Sold
Floor 01
1º 1ª Flat 2 bedrooms 55.21 m2 Sold
1º 2ª Flat 2 bedrooms 67.00 m2 Sold
1º 3ª Flat 3 bedrooms 84.40 m2 Sold
1º 4ª Flat 2 bedrooms 56.27 m2 Sold
1º 5ª Flat 3 bedrooms 80.98 m2 Sold
1º 6ª Flat 2 bedrooms 60.42 m2 Sold
1º 7ª Flat 3 bedrooms 77.00 m2 Sold
1º 8ª Flat 3 bedrooms 68.60 m2 Sold
Floor 02
2º 1ª Flat 2 bedrooms 56.90 m2 Sold
2º 2ª Flat 2 bedrooms 112.90 m2 Sold
2º 3ª Flat 3 bedrooms 139.20 m2 Available Plan
2º 4ª Flat 2 bedrooms 57.70 m2 Sold
2º 5ª Flat 2 bedrooms 57.80 m2 Sold
2º 6ª Flat 3 bedrooms 130.70 m2 Available Plan
2º 7ª Flat 3 bedrooms 124.90 m2 Sold
2º 8ª Flat 3 bedrooms 106.90 m2 Available Plan

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Enjoy Mediterranean comfort.

Enjoy Mediterranean comfort.

At Lux Stella Maris you will enjoy all the benefits of Mediterranean comfort, the peace of being away from the bustle of the city, and the assurance of having everything you need – mild climate, clean marine air, outdoor activities, natural marine products, and the mountain – a home that you will love and cherish.