New development Lux Urgell

Eixample / Barcelona

Discover a world of inspiration at Lux Urgell, where design and functionality are blended to offer an exceptional living experience. Every inch of this magnificent building has been meticulously designed to elevate your well-being and comfort to an unparalleled level.

Imagine living under majestic ceilings that rise up to 3 to 3.5 meters tall, providing a feeling of spaciousness and elegance that will redefine your concept of space. During the day, natural light fills every corner, creating a bright and warm ambience to nurture all of your special moments.

The open spaces at Lux Urgell not only foster interaction, they also allow your daily life to flow, giving you the freedom to personalize your home according to your tastes and needs. Every space is an opportunity to express your individuality and creativity. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the way we take complete advantage of every area, guaranteeing spacious living rooms and bedrooms. Your new home has been designed with your comfort and satisfaction in mind.

At Lux Urgell, we embrace sustainability with a climate control system built on the renewable energy of solar panels. This not only reduces your environmental impact but also offers you the option of clean, affordable living while respecting the environment.

Welcome to Lux Urgell, where design, functionality and sustainability unite to create the home of your dreams.

Lux Urgell
Lux Urgell
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The commitment.

LuxHabitat is committed to preserving and restoring the city’s historical heritage and giving it new use within the parameters of sustainability that will characterize future cities.

And that is what we achieved in this project. This majestic building, whose foundation dates back to the year 1900, is a true architectural treasure that will transport you to the nineteenth-century elegance of Barcelona’s Eixample.

In an effort to preserve and honor this historic building, the original exterior will be restored while respecting the guidelines of its historical heritage.

LuxUrgell is a testimony to the importance of preserving and celebrating the rich architectural heritage of the city, ensuring that the beauty and history of its 19th century architecture will continue to shine in the 21st century.

Built to three winds, with natural light all day, which represents great energy savings. And when necessary, the cleanest energy and the most ecological equipment of the moment: solar panels and state-of-the-art appliances.

This is the true luxury of today. Living in the center, within reach of everything, with all the advantages of the latest advances in sustainability and construction of well-being, and in a building that integrates perfectly into the most representative aesthetics of Barcelona.

Lux Urgell is the best alternative in new housing in the downtown area.

The commitment.
Barcelona , Eixample

Barcelona , Eixample

This residential enclave positions you within a wide range of first-class businesses and leisure, cultural and educational spaces, creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that allows residents to easily explore the city’s iconic spaces with a simple, relaxing stroll.

Known for its wide, grid-like streets and its impressive modernist buildings,the iconic “Eixample” neighborhood is a jewel in the heart of distinctive, cosmopolitan Barcelona. Famous for its vibrant cultural and culinary offerings, nightlife, rich history and architectural heritage, this city provides an exceptional backdrop to this exclusive offering.






Floor 1
1o 1a 2 bedrooms 87.74 m2 Sold
1º 2ª 2 bedrooms 74.95 m2 Sold
1º3ª 2 bedrooms 65.51 m2 Available
1º4ª 2 bedrooms 72.40 m2 Sold
Floor 2
2º1ª 2 bedrooms 62.44 m2 Sold
2º2ª 1 bedroom 51.61 m2 Available
2º3ª 2 bedrooms 62.11 m2 Available
2º4ª 2 bedrooms 69.20 m2 Sold
Floor 3
3º1ª 2 bedrooms 62.44 m2 Sold
3º2ª 1 bedroom 51.61 m2 Sold
3º3ª 2 bedrooms 60.22 m2 Available
3º4ª 2 bedrooms 67.31 m2 Sold
Floor 4
4º1ª 2 bedrooms 62.44 m2 Sold
4º2ª 1 bedroom 51.61 m2 Available
4º3ª 2 bedrooms 60.22 m2 Sold
4º4ª 2 bedrooms 67.31 m2 Sold
Floor 5
5º1ª 2 bedrooms 62.44 m2 Sold
5º2ª 1 bedroom 51.61 m2 Available
5º3ª 2 bedrooms 60.22 m2 Sold
5º4ª 2 bedrooms 67.31 m2 Sold
Floor 6
6º1ª Attic 2 bedrooms 62.44 m2 Sold
6º2ª Attic 1 bedroom 51.61 m2 Sold
6º3ª Attic 2 bedrooms 90.26 m2 Sold

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