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We are pleased to offer an excellent opportunity for those who love looking to the future of Barcelona. It is located where innovation meets l’Eixample, an exclusive property development that combines Barcelona’s traditional character with its positive projection for sustainability.

It is a royal estate where we will use the latest architectural advances to create a place where harmony mixes with modern and traditional sensibilities.

To carry this out, we will preserve the building’s architectural style and ensure its continuity by using the latest advances in sustainable construction. The result will be two new floors and 4 homes with large, comfortable living rooms and natural light almost all day thanks to their spacious balconies.


Lux Glories
Lux Glories
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Our commitment.

LuxHabitat is committed to preserving and restoring the city’s historical heritage and giving it new use within the parameters of sustainability that will characterize future cities.

That is why we are using construction materials that are approved by the most demanding standards of ecology and preservation in these 4 homes, as well as clean energy systems.

Add to this the highest standards of quality and design that make these spaces into centers of wellbeing.

Our commitment.
Barcelona , Glories

Barcelona , Glories

If there is an area in Barcelona with positive projections for sustainability, it is undoubtedly where Plaza Glòries converges with the 22@ Poblenau district, a privileged location where you will find 4 of our homes.

After years of development, Glòries is poised to be the indisputable green lung of the city. It contains large green spaces, areas for youth, recreational sites, and state-of-the-art urban facilities. Close to the plaza you will find some of the city’s most important attractions – L’Auditori, The Mercado dels Encants and the National Theater of Catalonia.

What makes this area most significant is that the 22@ district has become one of the most prominent technology districts in Europe. Due to the climate, services, proximity to the ocean, and its quality of life, it is one of the most attractive areas for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard. This part of Barcelona is increasingly dynamic and prosperous.

Building Castillejos
Floor 03
3º 1ª Flat 3 bedrooms 110.92 m2 Sold
3º 2ª Flat 3 bedrooms 110.92 m2 Sold
Floor 04
4º 1ª Flat 3 bedrooms 95.28 m2 Sold
4º 2ª Flat 3 bedrooms 95.28 m2 Sold

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Welcome to urban comfort

Welcome to urban comfort

Enjoy next generation metropolitan wellbeing in a home in the most dynamic area of the new Barcelona, which continues to grow and project itself toward a future of innovation and sustainability. Make the choice to live in a next generation center of wellbeing – the new green lung of Barcelona and one of the most important technology districts in Europe, the location of globally renowned companies.